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Manitoba Clinic
COVID-19 Precautions

The health and safety of our patients, staff, physicians and the community is extremely important to us. The Manitoba Clinic has implemented the following precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic to help with everyone’s safety:

  •  • Some "non-essential" appointments with our physicians are either being rescheduled to a future date or, where possible, done virtually (i.e. phone or video-conference). This is to support social distancing throughout the Clinic.
  •  • All "essential" appointments, as determined by the physician, are still being completed in-person at the Clinic:
    •    • In advance of the appointment, patients may be contacted and asked a series of screening questions to determine their risk level for COVID-19.
    •    • Screening may impact a patient's scheduled appointment. If this is the case they will be provided further instructions.
  •  • When entering the Clinic to attend a scheduled appointment, to get access to our tenants or other services such as EKG, X-Ray, and Lab, all patients are required to do the following:
    •    • Sanitize their hands and discard all plastic or vinyl gloves;
    •    • Will be asked a series of screening questions at the front entrance to determine their current risk level for COVID-19;
    •    • Will be asked to have their temperature taken with a forehead thermometer;
    •    • Wear a mask based on current Public Health recommendations; and
    •    • Respect everyone else's space and social distance where possible.
  •  • We have made as many changes as possible to our waiting rooms to allow for social distancing.
  •  • Washroom facilities are no longer available to the general public.
  •  • All elevators have a posted capacity and must be followed.
  •  • Unnecessary escorts or companions will be asked to wait in their vehicle or on the main floor of the Clinic if there is enough space. If an escort is required, they MUST be pre-approved prior to the appointment. Clinic staff and physicians have the authority to refuse escorts if they feel they are unnecessary.
  •  • All staff are required to wear the necessary personal protective equipment as it relates to their position.
  •  • Frequency of cleaning and disinfection throughout the Clinic has been increased.

NOTE: Patients who are disruptive or abusive to our staff or refuse to follow any of our protocols and procedures will not be permitted to have access to our Clinic and will be asked to leave. Patients that have been determined to be a risk to the public as a result of COVID-19 concerns may be asked to return home and call Health Links-Info Santé at 204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257 for further assessment & instructions.

  •  • If you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19 and/or showing COVID-19 symptoms, please contact Health Links-Info Santé at 204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257.